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Library is the temple of learning. Keeping this in the view kvs has given topmost priority to the library service in order to help the students.
The library of our vidyalaya is also taking innovative steps to cope up the aims and objective of the sangathan. Our library is allowing the students and teachers to avail the maximum service of their academics and career. In addition to the regular allotted library periods this library is enriched with a huge collection of 16000 books, 6 news papers(Dailies),36 periodicals and 12 educational periodicals.

1.Keeping in view of the latest directions from head quaters , our library provides reading atmosphere in the library.
2 .Open access system is made for the readers convince.
3.New arrivals displayed in a special corner to attract the reader.
4.During morning assembly students are informed about the latest books purchased by the library .
5.Special contribution for the board going classes X,XII:
(a)exam/study material oriented magazines like education today X,XII physics for you,mathematics today etc issued to the students.
(b)previous board papers are issued for reference in the form of bounded books.
6.Underthe primary class library system 5 sets of books for each class from 1 to 5 are provided and the books numberly thousand are available with the H.M for the reference and issue .
7.To strengthen the bond between books and children KV.NO1 NSB celebrated national book week from 14 nov to 21 nov Various activities were organized to in calculate good reading habit among them
8.A special prize is awarded to the students who reads more number of books during academic session.
9.Library committee is set up in the begining opf the term every year and the recommendation of the members are considerd for purchase of books in all subjects and their support is utilised in the improvement of the library .
10.It is made compulsory for every student to read atleast one book per month. the students are asked to write book review of the book they read.
11.Every wednesday the book review is presented in the morning assembly .
12.All the teachers are reqested to spend their library time in the library reading the books and magazines and they are also suggested to issue atleast one book a fortnight and the books are in to them whenever they are needed for reference.
13.Special displays are organised in connections with the occasions of important days.
14.The books on carrier guidance and personality development are available with the library and they are issued to the students .
15.every student has made fruitful use of the library and developed interest in reading.


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